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cristiano correddu

cristiano correddu
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Videomaking,Visual envinroments. "Koreman Visual"is an Italian based artist collaborating in the realization of creative campaigns for the mainly film production distribuiting companies in Italy. about Cristiano Correddu aka"Koreman" More than a decade in the broadcasting and Film industry as an editor, He also directed some shorts and sit-coms, for the channel Alice (Il club delle Cuoche-Alice-Sky). collaborations includes: Trailers Luckyred KFilms Eagle Pictures 20Th Century Fox Italy 01 Distribution Medusa Zenzero Films BIM distribution Shorts Vietato Fumare (No smoking) (Italy year:2000) Cotta e mangiata (Italy year:2006) Colla (Shooting) Tv Il Club delle Cuoche (Director-Editor) - Alice -(Sky channel) Marcopolo (Sky channel) Nuvolari (Sky channel) Leonardo (Sky channel) Music and Vj Dissonanze 2009 (festival) Afrodisia (Vj resident) Bastart (Vj resident) Costa (Dj) Knuf (Dj) AngeloMai (Club - Rome) Dimmi (Club - Rome)
Loops - a Sound and Vision project - by Dario Vero and Koreman Visual
"mare digitale" video mostra a cura di Valerio Zaccagnini e Cristiano Correddu